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Ultimate Play The Game

Ultimate Play The Game was the name used for the video games released by Ashby Computer Graphics (A.C.G). Ashby Computer Graphics later changed their name to Rare.

Ultimate is perhaps best known for their fast paced arcade games and their impressive (for the time) isometric projection games.

Some titles from Ultimate was

Some of the games are linked together in the Sabre Man series. The series consists of Sabre Wulf, Underwurlde, Knight Lore, Pentagram and Mire Mare (never released). Sabre Man have also made an appearance in Killer Instinct by Rare.

The story is that Sabre Man fell into the land of Sabre Wulf. When he found the exit, he entered the Underwurlde. Unfortunately he was bitten by the junglewulf at sometime during this, turning him into a lycanthrope (werewolf). The only way he could cure this was to go to Knightlore Castle and employ the talents of the wizard Melkhior to free him from the curse. Once he succeeded here, he then became a Wizard himself for the tasks set in Pentagram. Also see " class="external">

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