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Ulrike Eleonora of Denmark

Ulrike Eleonora (1656 - 1693), was the daughter of King Frederick III of Denmark. On May 6, 1680, she was married to King Charles XI of Sweden. She had seven children, of whom only three survived her, a son Charles, and two daughters, Hedwig Sophia, duchess of Holstein, and Ulrike Eleonora, who ultimately succeeded her brother on the Swedish throne.

  1. Hedwig Eleonora (1681-1708)
  2. King Charles XII of Sweden (1682-1718)
  3. Gustav (1683-1685)
  4. Ulrich (1684-1685)
  5. Friedrich (1685-1685)
  6. Carl Gustav (1686-1687)
  7. Queen Regnant Ulrike Eleonora of Sweden (1688-1741)

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