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UK general election, 1970

The United Kingdom general election of 1970 was held on June 18, 1970, and resulted in a surprise loss of power for Labour under Harold Wilson, who was replaced as Prime Minister by the Conservative leader, Edward Heath. The election was also a setback for the Liberal Party under its new leader Jeremy Thorpe, which lost half its seats. The Conservatives, when combined with the Ulster Unionists, held a majority of 31 over all other parties.

Most Opinion polls prior to the election had predicted a comfortable Labour victory, and had put Labour 12.4% ahead of the Conservatives. However on the day, a late swing put the Conservatives 3.4% ahead.

Party Votes Seats Loss/Gain Share of Vote (%)
Conservative 13,145,521 330 + 66 46.4
Labour 12,080,977 287 - 76 43.0
Liberal 2,117,638 6 - 6 7.5
Others 1,001,507 7 + 5 3.1

The 7 "others" include the Speaker. The Conservative figure includes 8 Ulster Unionists.