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Udo of Aachen

Udo of Aachen, fictional monk (1200-1270 CE). Udo is the creation of British technical writer Ray Girvan, who invented him for an April Fool's article in 1999.

Mystic and poet whose work ostensibly was set to music by Carl Orff with the haunting O Fortuna in Carmina Burana - actually the work of itinerant goliards, found in the German Benedictine monastery of Beuron (Latin, Burana).

The apocryphal Udo was also an illustrator and theologian, supposedly he discovered the Mandelbrot set, some 700 years before Benoit Mandelbrot (Benoit is French for Benedict).

"Re-discovered" when the also-fictional Bob Schipke, a Harvard mathematician, saw a picture of the Mandelbrot set in an illumination for a 13th century carol.

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