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Ubbi dubbi

The Ubbi Dubbi language is a language game introduced on the long-running Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) television show Zoom.

By adding the sound "ubb" before non-silent vowels or diphthongs, a humorous pig latin-like artificial language results.

For example, this article's first sentence in Ubbi Dubbi is:

Thubbe Ubbubbubbi Dubbubbubbi lubbangubbage ubbis ubba lubbangubbage gubbame ubbintrubbodubbuced ubbon thubbe lubbong-rubbunnubbing Pubublubbic Brubboadcubbastubbing Subbervubbice tubbelubbevubbizhubbon shubbow Zubboom.

"To be or not to be" becomes "Tubbo bubbe ubbor nubbot tubbo bubbe."

A similiar language exists in hebrew which is called the 'Bet language', bet being the hebrew letter for english b. The Israeli song 'A-ba'ni-bi' that was sung partly in the 'Bet language' won the 1978 Eurovision song contest.

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