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U.S. presidential election, 1872

Presidential CandidateElectoral Vote Popular Vote Pct Party Running Mate
(Electoral Votes)
Ulysses S. Grant of Illinois (W) 286 3,597,132 Republican Henry Wilson of Massachusetts (286)
Horace Greeley of New York -- 2,834,125 Democrat-Liberal Republican B. Gratz Brown of Missouri
B. Gratz Brown of Missouri(18), Thomas A. Hendricks of Indiana (42), Charles J. Jenkins of Georgia (2), David Davis of Illinois (1) B. Gratz Brown of Missouri (47), N.P. Banks of Massachusetts (1), George W. Julian of Indiana (5), Alfred H. Colquitt of Georgia (5), John M. Palmer of Illinois (3), Thomas E. Bramlette of Kentucky (3), William S. Groesbeck of Ohio (1), Willis B. Machen of Kentucky (1)
Other elections: 1860, 1864, 1868, 1872, 1876, 1880, 1884
Source: U.S. Office of the Federal Register


By resolution of the House, 3 votes cast for Greeley were not counted. V.P. Henry Wilson died November 22, 1875.

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