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U.S. presidential election, 1820

President: James Monroe of Virginia (Democratic-Republican)
Main Opponent: John Quincy Adams of Massachusetts (National Republican)
Electoral Vote: Winner: 231 Main Opponent: 1 Total/Majority: 235/118
Popular Vote: no record
Vice President: Daniel D. Tompkins of New York (218)
V.P. Opponents: Richard Stockton of New Jersey(8), Daniel Rodney of Delaware (4), Robert G. Harper of Virginia (1), Richard Rush of Pennsylvania (1)
Other elections1808, 1812, 1816, 1820, 1824, 1828, 1832
Source: U.S. Office of the Federal Register


Monroe ran virtually unopposed, though a single vote for John Quincy Adams (then Secretary of State) was cast by one elector. (The belief that this was to ensure that George Washington remained the only president elected unanimously by the U.S. Electoral College seems to be a myth.)

235 electors were appointed, but only 232 votes were cast due to the deaths of electors from Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

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