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U.S. Highway 95

US 95 is an north-south United States highway. As the "5" in the route number suggests, it is a border-to-border route. Unlike many other US highways, it has not been the victim of decommissioning by an encroaching Interstate highway corridor.

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As of 2004, the highway's northern terminus is in Boundary County, Idaho at the Canadian border, where it continues as Provincial Highway 95. Its southern terminus is in San Luis, Arizona at the Mexican border, where a short spur leads to Mexico Highway 2.

Alternate Routes

US 95 is one of the few routes with a designated "Spur" route. Spur US 95 runs from US 95 in Weiser, Idaho to a state highway junction in Washington, a distance of just 3 miles. It replaced a section of the former US 30N. US 30N itself had previously replaced US 630, a candidate for "shortest signed US highway."

US 95 also has an Alternative Route in Nevada.

States Traversed

The highway passes through the following states:

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