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TwixT is a two-player abstract strategy board game invented by Alex Randolph. It is a member of the connection game family, along with games such as Hex, Havannah, Y, and Star.

Twixt is played on a 24x24 square board, with the four corners missing. The two players are Red and Black; the topmost and bottommost rows belong to Red, and the leftmost and rightmost rows belong to Black.

The rules are as follows:

The first player to make a continuous chain of linked pieces between their two sides wins.

3M originally published TwixT as part of its Bookshelf Games line; Avalon Hill took over publication at a later date. It is no longer produced in the United States of America, although Schmidt Spiele produced copies of the game in Germany, and Kosmos published a version of the game in 1998.

TwixT is playable on Richard Rognlie's play-by-eMail server.