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Tusk (album)

Tusk was a double album released in 1979 by Fleetwood Mac.

Considered somewhat "quirky", Tusk did not achieve the level of success of its predecessor, Rumours. However, it still went double-platinum (U.S. sales in excess of two million copies).

The somewhat unusual title track, featuring the University of Southern California's marching band, proved to be a hit, reaching the Billboard top 10.

On June 24, 2003, this album is due to be re-issued on Rhino Records along with Fleetwood Mac (1976) and Rumours (1977).

Table of contents
1 Track Listing for Disc 1
2 Track Listing for Disc 2
3 Top Hits

Track Listing for Disc 1

  1. "Over And Over"
  2. "The Ledge"
  3. "Think About Me"
  4. "Save Me A Place"
  5. "Sara"
  6. "What Makes You Think You're The One?"
  7. "Storms"
  8. "That's All For Everyone"
  9. "Not That Funny"
  10. "Sisters Of The Moon"

Track Listing for Disc 2

  1. "Angel"
  2. "That's Enough For Me"
  3. "Brown Eyes"
  4. "Never Make Me Cry"
  5. "I Know I'm Not Wrong"
  6. "Honey Hi"
  7. "Beautiful Child"
  8. "Walk A Thin Line"
  9. "Tusk"
  10. "Never Forget"

Top Hits

In 2002, Camper Van Beethoven, an alternative/new wave/punk rock group, released a full cover of the original Tusk. The cover art and track listings are identical.