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Turgon is a commune of the Charente département in France.

In the fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien, Turgon "the Wise" was an Elf, the king of the Noldor, second son of Fingolfin and ruler of the hidden city of Gondolin.

Although Turgon was originally against the departure of the Noldor from Aman, but having started, he was determined to continue, even though he lost his wife Elenwë in the crossing of the icy Helcaraxë. He settled at Vinyamar in Nevrast.

Journeying with his friend Finrod Felagund along Sirion, Ulmo sent both of them a dream to look for a hidden place where they could be safe from the power of Morgoth. Then in the following year Ulmo appeared directly to Turgon and guided him to the vale of Tumladen in the Encircling Mountains, to which Turgon later secretly moved with many of the Noldor, deserting Nevrast, and built Gondolin.

Turgon and his people remained isolated in Gondolin for many years, and he had a daughter Idril who married Tuor after he found the secret way and came into the city.

He led a host to the battle called Nirnaeth Arnoediad, and did great deeds before disappearing again into Gondolin.

Turgon died defending Gondolin when it was betrayed by Maeglin and sacked by the hosts of Morgoth.