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Tupolev Tu-114

Large turboprop passenger airliner based on the Tu-95 bomber series.

The machine was specially developed for a presidential visit to the United States. At the moment the order was given, it seemed the Tu-114 wasn't finished on time, so a Tu-95 variant with a passenger cabin was rushed into development. Eventually the Tu-114 was finished on time, and the Tu-95 modification was used as a VIP transport for the army.

The Tu-114 resembles the Tu-95 in general layout, but it has a wider fuselage seating 120-200 passengers. On the lower deck there was room for sleeping accommodations and a dining room for the first class cabin, which seated 42 passengers.

It was used for the special Moscow - Tokyo service of Aeroflot


First flight in 1957

Withdrawn from civil service in 1975

Cruise speed Mach .70