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Mount Triglav (2864 m) is the highest peak in Slovenia and of the South-Eastern Alps. It lies in the Julian Alps. Its name -- "three-headed" -- describes its shape as seen from the Bohinj valley. This shape can also be seen in the flag of Slovenia.

Aljažev stolp (The Tower of Aljaž) is mounted at the top of the mountain.

See also: Triglav National Park, Slovenian mountains.

Triglav is also a name of the god of agriculture in the Slavic mythology.

Triglav is a three-headed god in Polish mythology associated within some mythos as being the god of night and darkness, as well as Earth and sky. He is the highest god of all said oracles at Szczecin, Poland, were interpreted from the behavior of a black horse. He is veiled completely, so holy that he cannot see the evil deeds of men. He rarely appears around mortals, and is depicted as a three-headed man with bands of blindfolds over his eyes.