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In the Legend of Zelda video game series, the Triforce is a fictional, legendary object. The Triforce is broken into three triangular fragments, representing Power, Wisdom and Courage. The Triforce is the source of all power, wisdom, courage and magic in Hyrule and was the source of legitimacy for the Hylian Royal Family. When the Triforce was shattered by Gannon, the Royal Family's ability to rule the kingdom collapsed and the kingdom was plunged into darkenss and chaos. Link, the Hero of Time appeared as if out of nowhere, claimed the Triforce of Courage and rescued Hyrule. Link later left Hyrule and the Trifoce of Courage lost its affect without being in proximaty to the land that gave it power. No one knows what happened to the Hero of Time once he ventured beyond the vast fields of Hyrule... Years later, Gannon broke the seal and again Hyrule was plunged into darkness. The Gods determined that the only way to stop him was to freeze Gannon and all of Hyrule in time and then drown the kingdom in an ocean of water. Many generations later Gannon is again causing trouble. Now it is up to a boy clad in green known as the Hero of Winds to rescue the Islands of Hyrule. These islands were once the tops of old-Hyrule's tallest mountains.