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Treasure Software

Treasure is a Japanese software development company, focusing on console video games, founded by former employees of Konami in 1992.

The development team that left to found Treasure was responsible for the Super Contra and Super Castlevania Super Nintendo games.

In 1998 they released Radiant Silvergun for the arcade and for the Sega Saturn. It is almost universally considered the greatest overhead shooter of all time by people who have played it. It was released only limitedly in Japan, and prices for it today remain very high for a video game of that era.

Treasure was known for intense action games, with a lot of creative work put into the gameplay. Their design aesthetic usually involves taking a normal genre, adding something new to the players basic play mechanics or controls, and trying to add as much new and varied elements into the level design as possible. They are also known for their boss levels, which are almost always the focus of the game, and on older systems featured larged multijointed sprite bosses (using a technique where each arm or apendage was a still picture that was rotated for movement instead of the entire boss being one picture).

Games Developed by Treasure (items marked with a '*' were not released in the Americas):

Table of contents
1 Arcade
2 Sega Genesis
3 Sega Saturn
4 Sega Dreamcast
5 Sega Game Gear
6 Super Nintendo
7 Nintendo 64
8 Nintendo Gamecube
9 Nintendo Gameboy Advance
10 Sony Playstation
11 Sony Playstation 2


Radiant Silvergun

Sega Genesis

Gunstar Heroes (1993)
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (1993)
Dynamite Headdy (1994)
Yu Yu Hakusho (1994) *
Alien Soldier (1995)
Light Crusader (1995)

Sega Saturn

Guardian Heroes (1996)
Silhouette Mirage (1997)
Radiant Silvergun (1998) *

Sega Dreamcast

Bangai-O (1999)
Ikaruga (2002)

Sega Game Gear

Dynamite Headdy
Gunstar Heroes

Super Nintendo

Dynamite Headdy

Nintendo 64

Mischief Makers (1997)
Bangai-O (1999) *
Sin and Punishment (2000) *

Nintendo Gamecube

Ikaruga (2003)
Wario World

Nintendo Gameboy Advance

Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting
Tiny Toon Adventures: Scary Dreams (AKA Tiny Toons: Buster's Bad Dream)

Sony Playstation

Rakugaki Showtime
Silhouette Mirage

Sony Playstation 2

Silpheed: The Lost Planet
Stretch Panic (AKA Freak Out)
Tiny Toons Adventures: Defenders of the Looniverse