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Traditional counties of Wales

Wales has thirteen traditional counties. These should not be confused with the areas used for local government - unitary authorities, or the current ceremonial counties of Wales.

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The counties

These counties originate in 1282, following King Edward I's conquest.
  • These counties originate in 1535, with the Laws in Wales Act, 1535 - converting the remaining Marcher Lordships into counties.

  • Background

    The historian William Rees says, in his "Historical Atlas of Wales": (published 1959) "... the boundaries of the modern shires have largely been determined by the ancient divisions of the country. The survival of these ancient local divisions within the pattern of historical change constitutes a vital element in the framework of the national life and helps to preserve its continuity."

    The British Broadcasting Corporation, in an article about the Shiring of Wales, says: "Along the border, districts which had long been associated with Wales were added to the counties of Shropshire and Herefordshire."

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    Map of the traditional counties, courtesy of the Association of British Counties

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