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Tower Bridge Road

Tower Bridge Road is a road in London, UK that runs north to south and connects the Bricklayers Arms roundabout in Southwark and flyover at its southern end to Tower Bridge and across the River Thames at its northern.

The road has an abundance of antique (or junk) shops along part of its length. There is also a square which holds an 'Antique' Market every Saturday and Sunday.

Towards its southern end are a collection of shops, pubs and takeaways, which give it an almost village feel in that there are few large corporate chains, but instead a bakery, flower shop, hardware store and other shops.

If you move a few hundred metres north the scenery changes beyond all recognition. From here there are good views of the City of London (or 'City'), and other landmarks such as Tower of London, London Bridge and the HMS Belfast.

The road forms part of the London Inner Ring Road and as such is part of the boundary of the congestion charging zone.