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Touch Rugby

Touch rugby is a form of Rugby football in which players do not tackle in the traditional (and some might say, rather violent) way, but instead substitutes these tackles for light touch tackling. In addition, the rules of rugby are simplified, and removes elements like scrumming, rucking, mauling, lineouts and kicking.

Touches can be made against any element of the persons body, clothing, or the ball. Strong passes can cause a penalty, which involves a ten metre retreat for the offending team followed by putting the ball down, letting go, touching the ball with your foot and then picking it up.

Touch Rugby has a number of advantages over the traditional game, including the ability to play it without fear of injury, and the inevitable lawsuits. Women have also taken to touch rugby, and it helps develop essential skills and fitness for use in other sports, and in rugby proper.

Schools have also used touch rugby as part of their curriculum to avoid the inevitable injuries that can stem from full rugby.

It also scores in the usage of equipment. As kicking is not part of touch, posts are not required, and therefore can be played with minimal equipment (a ball, some grass, and players).