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Tom Sestak

Tom Sestak (1932-1986), was an American Football player.

In 1962, the Buffalo Bills drafted Tom Sestak as a tight end in the 17th round from McNeese State. It was one of the Bills' best draft picks ever. Sestak never played end for the Bills, but became one of the greatest defensive tackles in the history of the game. At 6-4, he had the size, speed and strength to handle any offensive lineman. He was a starter in his rookie year and, until a series of knee injuries slowed him down, he played without parallel in the American Football League. What separated him from other linemen was his great strength. More than once he amazed the opposition and his fans by reaching up, while sprawled on the turf behind the line of scrimmage, and tackling a running back in full stride, for a loss! Twice during his outstanding career he realized the defensive lineman's "dream", returning interceptions for touchdowns. Sestak was on the All-American Football League teams in 1963, 1964 and 1965 and was the cornerstone of a defense that took the Bills to AFL championships in 1964 and 1965. He was selected as a member of the All-Time All-American Football League Team, and to the American Football League Hall of Fame.

Tom Sestak died of a heart attack in 1986.


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