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Tokaji or Tokay is a type of wine made from the Furmint grape. Most Tokaji or Tokay is grown in Hungary, noted for producing the finest wines of this type.

There are three main types of Tokaji:

1) Tokaji Szamorodni is regular wine from the Furmint, subdivided into two varieties, Edes (sweet) and Szaraz (dry)

2) Tokaji Aszu is the most famous Tokaji wine. it is made with grapes that have been infested with Botrytis cinerea, known as the "Noble rot" for the fine sweet character it gives to the wine. Aszu ranges from 1 puttonyo to 6 puttonyos, the number of puttonyos representing the quantity of Botrytis infested grapes used in the wine; the higher the puttonyo number, the sweeter the wine. Tokaji Aszu rivals (some say surpasses) Madeira wine as one of the most long lasting of wines.

3) Tokaji Aszu Essencia, or Tokay Essence is made purely from Botrytis affected grapes, hand selected, with no admixture. It is almost syrupy-sweet and needs decades of ageing to mature. Essence is much less common than Tokaji Aszu.