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Tödi Range

The chief peaks of the Tödi Range of the Swiss Alps, from the Oberalp Pass to the Klausen Pass, are:

Tödi 3623 meters11'887 feet
Bifertenstock 3426 meters11'241 feet
Piz Urlaun 3371 meters11'060 feet
Oberalpstock 3330 meters10'926 feet
Gross Scheerhorn 3296 meters10'814 feet
Claridenstock 3270 meters10'729 feet
Dussistock 3262 meters10'703 feet
Ringelspitz 3251 meters10'667 feet
Brigelserhorner highest 3250 meters10'663 feet
Grosse Windgalle 3192 meters10'473 feet
Hausstock 3152 meters10'342 feet
Gross Ruchen 3136 meters10'289 feet
Piz Segnes 3102 meters10'178 feet
Piz Giuf 3098 meters10'165 feet
Crispalt 3080 meters10'105 feet
Bristenstock 3074 meters10'086 feet
Selbsanft 3029 meters9938 feet
Vorab 3025 meters9925 feet
Tschingelhorner Elm 2850 meters9351 feet
Piz Sol Grauehorner 2849 meters9348 feet
Calanda 2808 meters9213 feet
Karpfstock 2797 meters9177 feet
Mageren 2528 meters8294 feet
Murtschenstock 2442 meters8012 feet


The chief passes of the Tödi Range, from the Oberalp Pass to the Klausen Pass, are:

Note: road status as of 1911.

Mountain passLocationType as of 1911Elevation

Clariden PassAmsteg to Linthalsnow2969 meters9741 feet
Planura PassAmsteg to Linthalsnow 2940 meters9646 feet
Kammlilucke or ScheerjochMaderanertal to Unterschächensnow 2848 meters9344 feet
Sardona PassFlims to Bad Ragazsnow 2840 meters9318 feet
Sand Alp PassDisentis to Linthalsnow 2780 meters9121 feet
Brunni PassDisentis to Amstegsnow 2736 meters8977 feet
Segnes PassElm to Flimsfoot path 2625 meters8613 feet
Kisten PassLinthal to Ilanzbad bridle path 2500 meters8203 feet
Panixer PassElm to Ilanzbad bridle path 2407 meters7897 feet
Chrüzli PassAmsteg to Sedrunfoot path 2350 meters7710 feet
Foo or Ramin PassElm to Weisstannenbridle path 2222 meters7290 feet
Oberalp PassAndermatt to Disentiscarriage road 2048 meters6719 feet
Klausen PassAltdorf to Linththalcarriage road 1952 meters6404 feet

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