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Time management

Time management teaches a number of techniques that aim to increase the effectiveness of a person in getting the things done that need to be done. Time management is somewhat of a misnomer as time passes without regard to what we do; the only thing we can manage is ourself. Hence time management is mostly about self management. There are a number of tools, techniques and attitudes that can help:

Todo list

A todo list is a standard tool in time management. It usually is a flat list of tasks that a person needs to complete. To increase the efficiency of the ordinary todo list, prioritize the tasks in four different categories:
  1. important and urgent,
  2. important and not urgent,
  3. not important and urgent,
  4. not important and not urgent.
Effective time management is learning say no to tasks in categories 3 and 4 to make more time for tasks in categories 1 and 2. Freeing yourself from doing the unimportant tasks leaves more time to focus on the important matters.

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