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Tillie's Punctured Romance

Tillie's Punctured Romance was the first feature-length comedy film. A silent film directed by Mack Sennett, the film stars Marie Dressler, Mabel Normand, and Charles Chaplin, as well as the Keystone Kops. Chaplin plays a womanizing city man who meets Tillie, played by Dressler, and elopes with her. In the city, he meets the woman he was seeing already, played by Mabel Normand, and tries to work around the complication to steal Tillie's money.

Chaplin's character is distinctly different from the "Little Tramp" character he's most known for; instead, he refuses to shake the hand of a man from the country, throws a brick at Tillie, hitting her in the neck, later elopes with her, cheats on his love interest, and steals money from a purse.

The comedy in the film is largely slapstick: people frequently kick each other on the bum or trip each other, four men attempt to (and are unable to) help Tillie up when she falls; Tillie, taken to the police station, has a policeman wave his finger in her face and she bites it.