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Tilia is a genus of deciduous trees in the family Tiliaceae, found through the north temperate regions. Members include:

The trees are commonly known as lime or sometimes as linden trees, (the latter name especially in the United States, after the German common name for the tree). The modern English name is modified from the medieaval English name line, and the tree is in no way related to the citrus lime fruit.

The tree produces a fragrant and nectar producing blossom, the medicinal herb Lime Blossom. In northern USA, Tilia americana is an important honey plant for beekeepers, producing a water-white honey, that is a bit strong when taken straight, but when blended with mild honey such as clover, has a very agreeable minty taste. It is often labeled "American Linden."

The timber of lime trees is soft and easily worked. It is known in the trade as basswood, and this name is often applied to American species. This name originates from the inner fibrous bark of the tree, known as bast ( Old_English_language). Fibre was obtained from the younger wood of the tree.

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