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Tiger Force

Tiger Force was a commando unit of the United States Army, which fought in Vietnam, from May to November of 1967; as part of the Vietnam War. The unit, consisting of 45 paratroopers, has since been accused of committing various warcrimes, including indiscriminate attack, mutilation, and torture. Some reports state that the soldiers wore necklaces composed of human ears.

In 2002 the Toledo Blade newspaper received a tip about unreleased Army records of an investigation into warcrimes during the Vietnam war. The newspaper spent eight months investigating the story and in October 2003 ran a series of feature articles on atrocities committed by the Tiger Force unit. The Blade reported that the Army investigated the actions of Tiger Force for four and a half years, from 1971 to 1975, and that the Army substantiated many of the allegations of warcrimes, but filed no charges. The records of the investigation have been kept secret. According to the Army, this is for reasons of privacy.

Since the Toledo Blade story, the Army has re-opened the investigation.

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