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Tiddleywink is a hamlet consisting of eight cottages, near the village of Yatton Keynell, about three miles (five kilometres) to the west of Chippenham, in the county of Wiltshire, in the south west of England. The name is said to derive from rhyming slang for "a quick drink".

Due to its small size, the hamlet has been for many years omitted from the official book of place names, the Collins British Atlas and Gazetteer, and from most maps. Furthermore, the road signs were lost years ago in an accident, resulting in the hamlet becoming virtually invisible to the outside world.

Early in 2003, after much campaigning, residents finally won their settlement two new road signs, and widespread recognition, as their story made the national news.

The residents now hope that they will benefit from tourism, as people stop at the unusally named hamlet on their way to the Cotswolds.

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