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In Roman mythology, Tiberinus was added to the Oceanids, as the genius of the river Tiber.

According to Virgil's epic Aeneid, he helped Aeneas in his travel from Troy, suggested him to land in Latium (see founding of Rome) and gave him much other precious advice. With Manto, Tiberinus was the father of Ocnus. (Aeneid, X, 198ff).

Tiberinus Silvius ('the Tiber's child born in the woods') was the ninth in the legendary king-list of Alba Longa. He was said to have drowned in the Albula river, which was subsequently renamed the Tiber.

In the earliest days of Rome, a cult of Tiberinus survived at the Volturnia, the archaic festival of Volturnus, but no details are known.