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Three Kings (movie)

Three Kings is a American 1999 movie directed and co-written by David O. Russell from a story by John Ridley. The movie stars George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube. It is an unconventional war story with strands of action, comedy and drama.

The movie is set in 1991 Iraq days after the end of the Gulf War. Clooney, Wahlberg and Ice Cube are three US soldiers - Major Archie Gates, Sergeant Troy Barlow and Staff Sergeant Chief Elgin. They find a map which indicates a huge cache of looted gold and valubles is hidden reasonably nearby. They decide to steal the gold and set off in search of it in a Humvee with Private Conrad Vig (Spike Jonze). During their journey they become involved with Iraqi civilians who have risen against Saddam but are now abandoned by the Coalition and are in serious trouble.

The movie was initially titled Spoils of War. It was filmed in the deserts of Arizona, California and Mexico.