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Thomas Chippendale

Thomas Chippendale, the elder June 5 1718 - May 28 1779 was a furniture designer and maker from Otley, West Yorkshire. He went to London where in 1754 he became the first cabinet maker to publish a book of his designs; Gentleman and Cabinet Maker's Director. Three editions were published, in 1754, 1755 and 1762 and many copies were sold.

He worked in partnership initially with James Ranni and later with Thomas Haig. Chippendale's designs became very popular during the middle to late 19th century and he gave his name to certain style, so much so that dealers spoke of "Chinese Chippendale, Gothic Chippendale" and even "Irish Chippendale". Many of the later designs attached to his name bear very little relationship to his original concepts.

There is a memorial plaque to Chippendale on Otley's Manor Square. Prince Henry's Grammar School in Otley is owned by the Chippendale Foundation. Chippendale furniture can be found at Harewood House, Nostell Priory and Paxton House.

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