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Theodor Stolojan

Theodor Stolojan was the prime-minister of Romania from September 1991 to November 1992.

He worked for the World Bank, then for a Romanian private company. In 2002 he re-entered in politics as leader of PNL (Partidul National Liberal/National Liberal Party), candidating for presindency, but lost against Ion Iliescu.

In 2003 his party approached PD's (Partidul Democrat/Democrat Party) leader Traian Basescu, currently the mayor of Bucharest, and initiated an alliance named "DA - Dreptate şi Adevăr" (Justice and Truth).

There are some problems with registing this alliance at the court because "DA" means "YES" and they wanted to use it as an electoral sigh on ballots.

He was chosen as the candidate for presidency of the alliance (the official announcement will be made in February 2004).