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Theobald II of Champagne

Theobald II of Champagne was Count of Champagne from 1125 to 1152. He held Auxerre, Maligny, Ervy, Troyes, and Chateau-Villain as fiefs from Eudes II, Duke of Burgundy.

King Louis VII of France became involved in a war with Theobald by permitting Rodolphe, Count of Vermandois and seneschal of France, to repudiate his wife, Theobald's niece, and to marry Petronille of Aquitaine, sister of the queen of France. The war, which lasted two years (1142-1144), was marked by the occupation of Champagne by the royal army and the capture of Vitry, where many persons perished in the burning of the church.

Peter Abelard sought asylum in Champagne during Theobald II's reign.

Preceded by:
Count of Champagne Succeeded by:
Henry I