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The Village

The Village refers to the fictional island-town in the television series The Prisoner where the main character Number Six was interred with other former spies and operatives. The theme of the series was his attempt to escape from The Village.

In the story, The Village is located in an unknown country. In one episode of the series its location is hinted somewhere in Morocco, in another, somewhere in eastern Europe (on the Baltic coast); but the final episode suggests it may be much closer to home.

In reality, the series was filmed at Portmeirion and Penrhyndeudraeth in Wales, and at Pinewood Studios in England, using clever camera tricks to make the resort look larger than it is.

The Village was based on British wartime internment camps where they held people with sensitive information. It was primarily based on the camp at Invelair Lodge in Scotland.

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The Village is the title of a book by Ivan Alexeyevich Bunin and a poem by George Crabbe.

"The Village" is also a slang term for the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan.

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