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The Raincoats

The Raincoats were a (usually) all-women band, playing punk and post punk, formed in Ladbroke Grove, London, England in 1977 by Ana da Silva (vocals, guitar) and Gina Birch (vocals, bass) (see 1977 in music).

They were initially augmented by Ross Crighton and Nick Turner before being joined by Palmolive of The Slits (drums), and violinist Vicki Aspinall. Other musicians in the fold included Kate Korus (also of The Slits), Jeremie Frank, and Shirley o'Loughlin.

Palmolive left the band after their eponymous first album, and was replaced by Ingrid Weiss and Richard Dudanski respectively. Guest musicians on Raincoats tracks included Robert Wyatt and This Heat's Charles Hayward.

The band split in 1984, with Gina subsequently providing vocals for The Red Krayola's Kangaroo? LP (see 1984 in music).

In 1988, Gina and Vicky reformed as Dorothy, to release a series of 12" singles, but split again soon after (see 1988 in music).

The emergence of grunge, and name-checks by the likes of Nirvana were sufficient to induce a Raincoats reformation. Gina and Ana teamed up to release a new album in 1996, produced by Britpop soundsmith Ed Buller (who'd previously worked with the likes of Suede and Pulp) (see 1996 in music).

The album, Moving, was followed by the inevitable split-up. This time, Gina formed a new outfit, The Hangovers, which continued in much the same vein, releasing an album, Slow Dirty Tears, in 1998 (see 1998 in music). In 2002 she performed live (as Gina Birch) at that year's Ladyfest concert (see 2002 in music).