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The Question

The Question is a superhero created by Steve Ditko originally for Charlton Comics and now is owned by DC Comics.

The character's real name is Victor Sage, a crusading television reporter who is out to root corruption where he finds it. To that end, when he encounters stories he can't investigate by normal or legal means, he dons a special mask that makes it appear that he has no face (much like the old Dick Tracy villain, The Blank). Then he also releases a special gas that seals the mask to his face and changes the colour of his clothes and hair to become unrecognizable. Thus disguised, The Question investigates corruption in the face of all danger.

The character had limited exposure, first appearing as a guest character in the Blue Beetle, a few back up stories and an acclaimed solo story in a one shot title, Mysterious Suspense.

When the Charlton characters were acquired by DC Comics in the mid 1980s, The Question was the focus of an acclaimed solo series written by Dennis O'Neil and primarily drawn by Denys Cowan. Futhermore, the character was also used in disguised form as the insane vigilante, Rorschach in the classic comic book series Watchmen by Alan Moore and David Gibbons.

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