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The Paul Simon Song Book

Paul Simon

Paul Simon -- all vocals, guitar

Recorded: May 1965, Levy's Studio, London, England, U.K
Released: August 1965
Label: CBS 62579
Produced by Reginald Warburton and Stanley West

Cover Photography: David Lowe
Cover Design: Verity Graphic Arts

Only released on LP in the United Kingdom; supposedly deleted in 1979 at Simon's request. Available as part of the LP box set Paul Simon: Collected Works (1981)

All songs by Paul Simon except * Paul Kane

Side One

1) I Am A Rock (2:52)
2) Leaves That Are Green (2:41)
3) A Church Is Burning (3:38)
4) April Come She Will (1:55)
5) The Sounds Of Silence (3:19)
6) A Most Peculiar Man (2:34)

Side Two

7) He Was My Brother (2:58)*
8) Kathy's Song (3:42)
9) The Side Of A Hill (2:28)*
10) A Simple Desultory Philippic (or How I Was Lyndon Johnsoned Into Submission) (2:27)
11) Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall (2:27)
12) Patterns (3:14)

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