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The Morrow Project

The Morrow Project is a table top science-fiction role-playing game produced by Timeline Ltd set after a devastating nuclear war. It was first released in the 1980s and still has a loyal following.

The game is based around the idea that a group of industrialists predict the coming of an apocalyptic nuclear war and begin to create a plan for an infrastructure that will survive it. This plan is the eponymous "Morrow Project". A number of volunteers are cryogenically frozen in hidden bunkers along with a variety of equipment that will allow them to rebuild civilisation after the war has finished and the resulting nuclear fallout diminished to acceptable levels.

The central Morrow Project base "Prime" awakens its inhabitants on schedule but is attacked and badly damaged. The initial Morrow Project members are wiped out. One hundred and fifty years after the end of the war the malfunctioning Prime computer finally issues the wakeup signal that revives all of the Morrow Project bases.

The players take on the roles of these members of the Project who have awakened late. Is the Project fatally compromised or can the scattered outposts reconnect and replace the missing headquarters?

Initial Scenario

The initial scenario may be played with nothing other than the game book, dice, paper and pencil. Extension sets are available introducing further scenarios, weapons and equipment.

One hundred and fifty years after the Third World War, the members of the Morrow Project wake to a strange world. Instead of being part of an organized plan to rebuild their civilization, they find themselves isolated in a world where the War is only a distant legend, the people are ignorant of anything but the struggle to survive and strange mutated animals haunt their footsteps.

Players of the Morrow Project must not only survive but must carry out their original mission: to rebuild the world. To do this they have their equipment and training, their team and their own guts and imagination. Together with their teammates they must try to do alone a job that thousands were trained to do.

Included in the game book is targeting information for the missiles that fell, full details on Morrow Project teams, vehicles and equipment, modern weapons, complete medical details, the people and creatures living in the post-holocaust world.

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