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The Maxx

The Maxx is a comic book series written by Sam Keith. It follows the life and misadventures of Maxx (a.k.a. The Maxx), a homeless man who thinks he is a superhero of some sort. Maxx shifts between two worlds: the real world, and the dream world (which he refers to as Australia or, more often, The Outback), which is just as real to him as the real world. Along for his story is Julie Winters, a freelance social worker who takes pity on Maxx and befriends him. Little does she know, Maxx and her have a deeper connection than just being friends, and it involves the dream world that Maxx is constantly drawn into.

The Maxx was also adapted into an animated series for MTV in 1995, as part of the animated series block Oddities. It ran for 13 episodes, covered half of the comic book series, and was a very faithful adaptation, with many lines taken verbatim from the comics.

A spin-off comic book series was made, called Friends of Maxx.


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Maxx is also the new name of the bus services of Connexxion in Almere.