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The Lodge

The Lodge is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Australia. It is located in the capital Canberra,

It was built over the period of 1926-27 as a "temporary" house for the Prime Minster, in the expectation that a grander house would be built later, similarly to Old Parliament House, which served from 1927 until 1988. No showpiece residence has been constructed.

The Lodge is a large, two-storey house, located in 1.8 hectares of landscaped grounds. It underwent some renovation in the 1960s with the installation of a swimming pool, and substantial restoration in the 1980s under the Hawke government.

Most Prime Ministers since its construction have used The Lodge as their primary place of residence. Ben Chifley did not, preferring The Kurrajong hotel where most Labor MPs of the era stayed. John Howard, the current Prime Minister, lives primarily in Kirribilli House, the official residence of the Prime Minister for when they are in Sydney. His decision, explained as for "family reasons" so he could stay with his family whilst his son attended university in Sydney, nevertheless attracted adverse comment from some outside Sydney.

The Lodge is not open to the public.

The Governor-General's official residence is Yarralumla.