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The League of Gentlemen (film)

The League Of Gentlemen was a 1959 English crime film directed by Basil Dearden and starring Jack Hawkins and Nigel Patrick with Terence Alexander, Richard Attenborough, Norman Bird, Bryan Forbes, Roger Livesey and Kieron Moore. It was based on the 1958 novel by John Boland and was adapted by Boland and Bryan Forbes. The film was made through Allied Film Makers in just two months and it was distributed by the Rank Organization. It premiered in 1960.

The basis of the plot is a group of ex-Army officers rob a bank with a very military and effective plan. It was one of the first English films to have all the elements of the successful 1950s US heist films, although with a distinctly English tinge.

The film was the most successful in Britain of 1960.