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The Invisibles

The Invisibles is a comic book written by Grant Morrison and published by Vertigo, the mature readers division of DC Comics. The Invisibles is a psychedelic epic that details the adventures of a group of superheroes/terrorists/freedom fighters who battle against physical psychic oppression using time travel, magic, martial arts, guns and transcendental meditation. It may well have influenced The Matrix trilogy of films.

Syphoning and channelling 1990s conspiracy culture and just about any fringe notion he did or did not believe in, into the book, he wrote, he said, as a hypersigil with the intention of of jumpstarting the culture in a more positive direction. He predicted that the comic book would instigate as big a shockwave as the Sex Pistols. It has not. However, the book permanently may permanently re-structure the thought processes of any person who reads it, no matter how weird they started off, and it may yet have a long-term effect.

The leader of the Invisibles is King Mob, a character based on author Grant Morrison. His followers are Lord Fanny, a Brazilian shaman and transvestite; Boy, a former NY City police officer; Ragged Robin, a telepathic time-traveller, and Jack Frost, a young street punk from Liverpool who could very well be the next Buddha.

Their enemies in this struggle are the archons of the Outer Church, a group of interdimensional alienss who plan to enslave the human race. Villains such as Ms. Dwyer and Mr. Quimper do the bidding of these beings.

The entire series is collected in trade paperbacks:

  1. Say You Want a Revolution
  2. Apocalipstick
  3. Entropy in the UK
  4. Bloody Hell in America
  5. Kissing Mr. Quimper
  6. Counting to None
  7. The Invisible Kingdom

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Say You Want a Revolution

In this first volume, we are introduced to Jack Frost, the Invisibles' newest member as he is educated in the nature of the universe by Tom O' Bedlam. After joining the Invisibles, he joins the group on a mission to France during the Revolution in order to recruit the Marquis de Sade for their war of psychic liberation.


During the Apocalipstick storyline, the Invisibles escape from the demon known as Orlando. The next storylines detail the origins of the Moonchild, Lord Fanny and Jim Crow, respectively. The volume ends with King Mob and Lord Fanny in the clutches of the enemy.

Entropy in the UK

King Mob undergoes torture and we go on a non-linear tour of his history as Sir Miles uncovers some of his secrets. As befits the overall title of entropy, an atmosphere of decay, dissolution and pain predominate here, making this the most grim and harrowing installment of the series. After this segment Morrison decided to lighten up the mood quite a lot.