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The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons were an American R&B and doo wop group, distinct from many similar groups of the 1950s and 60s in their tradition Italian-American sound. Group leader Frankie Valli had began recording in 1953, but the group (Valli, Bob Gaudio, Tommy DeVito, Joe Long and Nick Massi) didn't release their first hit until 1962, with "Sherry", produced by Bob Crewe.

The Four Seasons followed up "Sherry" with several well-remembered hits, including "Big Girls Don't Cry", "Walk Like a Man" and "Candy Girl". In the mid 1960s, the British Invasion slowed down their career somewhat, but the Four Seasons released several more big hits in 1964, such as "Dawn", "Rag Doll", "Big Man in Town", "Ronnie" and "save It for Me". By the end of the decade, however, the group's career was essentially over, as public interest moved towards rock with a harder edge and more socially conscious lyrics. The band would, however, enjoy a brief renaissance in the mid 1970s, with the hits "Who Loves You?", "Swearin' to God", and "Oh What a Night (December 1963)".

The band name is also the name of a legal partnership that Valli and Gaudio entered into at the start of their careers, agreeing to split all the proceeds from their musical efforts 50-50. The partnership continues to this day.

The Four Seasons were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990.

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The Four Seasons is also the collective name for four violin concertos by Antonio Vivaldi; see The Four Seasons (Vivaldi).
The Four Seasons is also a hotel chain.