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The Elements of Style

The Elements of Style ("the little book" -- 1918) is a American English writing style guide; focusing on grammar, word usage, and prose.

Originally written and published by Cornell University professor William Strunk Jr, it was edited, updated and republished in 1959 by E. B. White, who had studied under Strunk in 1919. Macmillan and Company in 1957 commissioned White to prepare this new edition of the book. Though Strunk had passed away, White independently built on his foundation to create a rare reference book that is also a literary classic. Strunk's version concentrated on specific questions of usage, cultivating good writing and avoiding prolixities: "Make every word tell." White updated and extended these sections and added an introductory essay and the conclusion, An Approach to Style, a broader guide to writing in English. The standard reference for American students and writers, updated editions of The Elements of Style followed in 1972 and 1979.

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