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The Crow Road

The Crow Road is a novel written in 1992 by the Scottish writer Iain Banks. The plot of this family saga involves the mysterious disappearance of the protagonist's uncle (who disappeared in the middle of writing a book called The Crow Road), but readers who come to the book expecting a whodunnit are likely to be disappointed - the real focus of the book is the protagonist's journey of discovery about himself, those he loves, and the ways of the world. A recurring theme is the way people affect the lives of those around them, often in unintended and unexpected ways. The multiple points of view, jumping in both time and character, are trademarks of Banks.

The Crow Road was made into a television mini-series by the BBC in 1996. The cast include Joseph MacFadden as the protagonist, Dougray Scott as his brother, and Peter Capaldi as the disappearing uncle.