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The Augsburg Confession

The Augsburg Confession (1530) is the primary confessional document of the Lutheran faith.

Table of Contents


Article 1: God

Article 2: Original Sin

Article 3: The Son of God

Article 4: Justification

Article 5: The Ministry of the Church

Article 6: The New Obedience

Article 7: The Church

Article 8: What The Church Is

Article 9: Baptism

Article 10: The Holy Supper of Our Lord

Article 11: Confession

Article 12: Repentance

Article 13: The Use of the Sacraments

Article 14: Order in the Church

Article 15: Church Usages

Article 16: Civil Government

Article 17: The Return of Christ to Judgment

Article 18: Free Will

Article 19: The Cause of Sin

Article 20: Faith and Good Works

Article 21: Of the Worship of the Saints

Article 22: Of Both Kinds in the Sacrament

Article 23: Of the Marriage of Priests

Article 24: Of the Mass

Article 25: Confession

Article 26: The Distinction of Foods

Article 27: Monastic Vows

Article 28: Ecclesiastical Powers


The Augsburg Confession is part of The Book of Concord

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