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The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man is the title of both a comic book published by Marvel Comics, and a daily newspaper comic strip. Both feature the adventures of the superhero Spider-Man.

Comic book

Spider-Man originally appeared in issue #15 of the comic book Amazing Fantasy, its final issue. The series was cancelled with that issue, but response to the character was so positive that the new title, The Amazing Spider-Man was launched, issue #1 appearing in March 1963.

The character was created by writer/editor Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko, and the pair produced 38 issues of Amazing. A disagreement over a story led to Ditko leaving the title after that point. He was replaced by penciller John Romita who illustrated Lee's stories for several years. Many writers and artists have taken over the monthly comic over the years chroniclling the adventures of Marvel's most identifiable hero. The title was published continuously until 1998 when Marvel Comics decided to begin anew by renumbering the title with a new issue #1 published in January, 1999. In 2003 this new title reverted to using the numbering of the original series.

Newspaper comic strip

The daily newspaper comic strip began on January 3, 1977 written by Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee and illustrated by John Romita. The strip was surprisingly successful in an era with few serialized adventure strips. The strip slowly grew in circulation and as of 2003 is still being published. Lee's brother Larry Lieber illustrated the strip for much of its run.

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