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Thai numerals

Thai numerals are traditionally used in Thailand, although the Western or Arabic numerals are more common.

soon  (zero)
๑ neung (one)
๒ song  (two)
๓ sam   (three)
๔ see   (four)
๕ ha    (five)
๖ hok   (six)
๗ jet   (seven)
๘ phet  (eight)
๙ gao   (nine)

From ten to a million

These are assembled from the words for the powers of ten. The number one following a power of ten becomes et. The numbers from twenty to twenty nine begin with yee sip.
สิบ    sip     (ten)
สิบเอ็ด sip et  (eleven)
ยี่สิบ   yee sip (twenty)
รัอย   roy     (hundred)
พัน    phan    (thousand)
หมื่น   meun    (ten thousand)
แสน   saen    (hundred thousand)
ลัาน   laan    (million)
For example, one hundred and thirty-two is neung roy sam sip song. The words roy, phan etc. should never be used without a preceding numeral, so one hundred, for example, is neung roy and not just roy. Native speakers will use roy neung (or phan neung etc.) with different tones on neung to distinguish one hundred from one hundred and one.

Above a million

Numbers above a million are constructed by prefixing laan with a multiplier. For example, ten million is sip laan, and a trillion (1012) is laan laan.

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