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Testicle cuffs

A testicle cuff is a ring-shaped device to restrain a testicle within the scrotum (i.e., when closed it does not allow the testicle to pass through it); they come in pairs and are one of many different gadgets for restraining the male genitalia. They are not to be confused with handcuffs, which have a more widespread use in restraining the hands and wrists. Since testicles are generally ellipsoid in shape you can lock a pair of testicle cuffs around the top end of the testicles, and they will not slip off around the wider middle.


The choice to have oneself restrained about a sensitive area such as the testicles may stem from several sexual desires. Testicle cuffs can be part of cock and ball torture and other parts of the BDSM culture. (BDSM is short for BD DS SM which is short for bondage, discipline, domination, submission, and sadomasochism)

Some men enjoy the feeling of being 'owned', and some people enjoy the feeling of 'owning' their partners. Making the man wear testicle cuffs gives a sense that his sexual organs belong to his partner. Equally, there is a certain level of humiliation inherent in the devices, and some people are turned on by humiliation. Finally, cuffs may form part of a sexual fetish of the wearer or his partner. Fetishes can range from the fetishised object just being a 'turn on', through to it replacing conventional sex altogether. Corsets and latex are examples of more common fetishes.


Using testicle cuffs can prove extremely painful as the cuffs also restrict the movement of the scrotum itself and the proportions of the scrotum are required to protect the testicles. They can cause the skin around this area to get rather sore if worn for prolonged periods (longer than a few hours). With time, even fluffy ones can cut through the scrotum like cheesewire if too tight, possibly severing the testicles entirely.

It's always extremely wise to put the key in a safe place before you start and, needless to say, you should not even attempt to hang anybody by these cuffs or chain them up to beds, etc as this has been known to cause internal injuries and required visits to hospital.