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Terry Jordan

Terry Jordan is the author of The US Constitution and Fascinating Facts About It, a book dedicated to the founding documents of the United States

This book contains suprising and intriguing facts about the US Constitution, Articles of Cofederation, The Supreme Court, Founding Fathers, and even America's First President (A little-known man named John Hanson). The book also contains the entire US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, all subsequent ammendments, and even attempted ammendments that failed, such as the 1893 attempt to abolish the US Army and US Navy. Whether used as a reference or simply to find out more about the history of the United States, it is certainly an enlightening read.

Taken from the About the Author (Seventh Edition):

Terry Jordan received a BS in Education from Taylor University and a Masters in History from Cleveland State University. He has spent much of his life studying, interpreting, and teaching students about the US Constitution, and currently teaches Advanced Placement US History at Orange High School in Pepper Pike Ohio. Terry has been a public school teacher for thirty-four years and resides in Solon Ohio, with his wife Linda and three children, Lea, Cali, and Cody.