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Teradata is a database management system (DBMS) created by NCR Corporation. It is a Massively parallel processing system running a shared nothing architecture. The main point with the Teradata DBMS is that it is linearly and predictably scalable in all dimensions of a database system workload (data volume, breadth, number of users, complexity of queries), which is why it is used a lot in very large scale data warehousing applications.

Teradata runs its own operating system, NCR UNIX SVR4 MP-RAS, a variant of System V UNIX from AT&T and on Microsoft W2K servers.

Teradata DBMS often stand by themselves and are used through ODBC by applications typically running on a different operating system such as Microsoft Windows or other flavors of UNIX.

The first and foremost customer of this DBMS is Wal-Mart, who run their central inventory and other financial systems on Teradata.

The main competitors are other high-end vendors such as IBM and Oracle.

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