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Tennis court

A Tennis court is where a game of tennis is played. It is a firm rectangular surface with a low net standing across the center.

The outside dimensions of the playing lines should be as follows: Doubles 36' x 78' (10.97m x 23.77m) Singles 27' x 78' (8.23m x 23.77m)

For tournament play where judges are required, a clear area a minimum of 70' x 130' (21.33m x 39.62m) should be provided. This allows a minimum clear playing area of 60' x 120' (18.28m x 36.57m) with an additional perimeter area for judges as well as a safe overrun area for the players.

The top of the net at the inside face of the posts or supports when used to support a net for singles play on a doubles court should be exactly 42" (1.067m) above the court surface. There should be no obstruction above the top of the net at any point, including at the post.

There are four main materials used for the court surface: clay, grass, hardcourt, and indoor. The Australian open is played on Rebound-Ace which is a type of hardcourt.

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